Monday, May 21, 2018

Silo as a metaphor (i.e. container)

One of the blogs most read contains the word container,

No accident.!If you read the book Metaphoria you will find container is one of the seven deep metaphors.

As one who is decidedly an introvert in contrast to extrovert it is destined I would gravitate to an interest in metaphors. They become a short hand way for reflecting and exploring meaning at a deeper level.

Case in point.

I was sharing an observation with a older mental health professional. I was saying my experience as a chaplain 40 years ago involved more colaborative efforts between institutions and various systems. Now people and institution seems to have pulled inward and become more individualistic. He used the metaphor silo. We have a society with a number of silos with each doing their own thing. As I began to share this insight with another person from church community he said silo before I even mentioned the word I planned to share from the first encounter. It has been my experience when you have more than one person using the same metaphor without any prompting our connection between the two you have some kind of pay dirt. The grass roots are speaking.

On the other hand this isn't new at all. My early blog about container now has new content. Silos are those who are more concerned about what takes place within these four walls.

Mr. Trumps goal to build a wall is only an outgrowth of the container, silo, thinking. He is exploiting grass roots reality.

The first person to share the metaphor silo is part of a community group attempting to make a difference with the incarcerated who have a mental illness. We are a new opportunity for collaboration to take place with a number of different silos. Silos may be where we begin but silo will not be the metaphor as we make a difference. We will have a new metaphor and I can not say what it is until it is lived and named..

This blog is not finished. I will send it out unfinished, to be edited as I go along. One of the more exciting terms for a chaplain is to live with an unresolved identity. A psychoanalyst talking to chaplains about their role used the term in his talk. I have never forgotten since I was moving in that direction before I heard the word. We are in process of becoming and learning who we are as we go.  The Celtic monks said it this way, "To journey with God, not knowing where you are going, but you will find out when you get there." Scripture passages are supportive and with Pentecost Sunday we have renewed our way of living.

I am working on the Scripture passages and the Greek Verb From, present imperative, which requires another metaphor than silo. The present imperative is continuous in the present and when connected with be we have becoming continuously in the present. S is not yet P. Hope is imbedded in our journey and the process of becoming.

Like the healing of the physical wound this is a process that comes from the bottom up. We begin innocent in our journey toward wisdom and understanding.