Thursday, May 23, 2024

Women’s Professional Basketball

The career of Caitlin Clark provides a pleasant diversion from the divisions my life faces in the political and cultural realm. That is what I thought in the begining. I soon found out differently. Conflict is an ever present shadow that is now casting its spell on Women's Professional Basketball.. the devil, diabola, is ready to piggy back on every new situation. And Caitlin provides a new situation as I will attempt to show over time. 

Some background

My wife and I were present at the game In Iowa City, the 20th of February, 2023, where she broke the record for the number of baskets made in the Big Ten. She did that in the first three minutes of the game against Michigan with two 3’s and a layup. She had 47 points that game.


My blog will be divided into two parts as I slowly work on the writings. The first will cover her college days and the second her professional. I am starting with her professional career.


As a professional she will be a rookie for a year. Already in five games she is the leading scorer for Indiana Fever and she has the most assists without the team winning any games so far. They have come close in the last two games. Within three points. Clark is correcting her turn overs. Two in the last game compared to ten in one game.


While she continues to work on improvement being guarded well by her opponents, she is making history off the court. Her latest recorded in the Quad City Times is a contract with Wilson Sports to be an advisor on basketball equipment. The amount she will make was not given but it definitely is an ongoing project. 


More to follow. This is an ongoing project as women’s basketball, college and professional, will never be the same. Caitlin Clark has introduced a new day. The attendance records and 

the increase in tickets sales are bringing a new day. All will benefit.

I am behind in my writing, age 94 is not a speedy time of life, energy disappears in a sudden hurry. I shall return with the crisis of June 1 with a flagrant foul by a player from New York Liberty against Clark. A foul that wasn't called during the game but afterwards during a review. This happening has set off a "firestorm." Now there is a metaphor.

the financial figures will be an indication of the change.