Saturday, February 2, 2019

A New Opportunity

A New Landing Site (Beach Head) Feb 1, 2019

Greetings All,

This article from the Quad City Times this week may not be all that impressive to some, but I became very excited. Follow me after you read the article.


In the late 80's we had a project at St. Luke's hospital called Umbrella for Caring. We arranged to follow patients form hospital to home with Befrienders from six chuches doing the follow up. The experience was written up and published in the Journal of Pastoral Care. I gave a talk at the College of Chaplains at the time. The Executive Director insisted it be published when he encountered some resistance.

I have scheduled a meeting with Dr. Jim Bang this coming week. I have no idea where our conversation will lead. I will share the three year study from the late 1980's. Could the project be renewed. A new ingredient would be parish nurses to compliment Befrienders.

If anyone is interested in follow up you can write to me, snail mail, I will give updates from time to time in the blog, even the death sentence if that is what happens. Before the death sentence I will add what I call footnotes that support relational communities, even liturgical communities, for a healthy community. Jesus continues to heal. "Brokenness is not the last word."

The Rev, Canon Marlin Whitmer,
Trinity Episcopal Cathedral
121 West 12th Street
Davenport, Iowa. 22803

I have the wonderful title of being a Community Facilitator. Since I made it up I am avoiding certification at all costs. Meaning I am not spending a penny to be certified.


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