Friday, May 24, 2019

Who is winning?

Mirror Mirror on the Wall …

Who is winning in our society? Legalized gambling? 

Wednesday’s, Mar 22nd, QCT, had a sports gambling article with two Casino pictures, one worth a thousand words, and a big headline with the article continuing on page A7. 

And what was sidelined?  Mental health in small letters was on the right hand column with a small headline, “Providers prepare for cuts.” The article continues on A6 with less lines than the Casino.

Watch for root and orientation metaphors in every story you read or hear. They are the keys to the message. Casino gets, “WIN BIG,” and mental health gets, “prepare for cuts.”

At least the paper put the contrast on the front page for all to see. Those who have eyes to see can face the depths of our reality.

People with mental health issues and the people who serve them are not winning. The source of the imbalance is the State Legislature and the voters who put them there.  

It is time to get a new mind and act to correct the imbalances in our State.

Marlin Whitmer, BCC (ret.).  

I took a picture of the front page of the newspaper. If I had more skills and I understood Google I could make this more graphic and drastic. 

P.S. Monday, May 27th. This opinion page letter is in the Quad City Times on the opinion page. I made it in print. I hope I get some response. I have a blog in the works on my effort to make contact with the legislature. I am establishing a beachhead as my brother says.

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