Monday, August 19, 2019

Summary of popular blogs to 8/18/2019


89 Blogs: 7,879 page views, started in early 2017
Still learning about a blog. Had some help when I learned tags are
labels here.

Those with Over 30 page views: 15

Sports Metaphor: A Cup of Tea 49 on 2/11 68
The Sports Page: training ground for
listening training 35 on 2/11 44
An Unforgettable Meeting 53
A huge Aha! From a patient visit 75 on 2/11 77
The Alphabet as Teacher 40
A Mental Health Sermon 45
A Lesson from First Grade 40
Chewing the Cud — Holy Cow 111
Peran a Greek Word 30
Where the Wild Things are 40
The Entertainment Center 75
Learning about the “container” metaphor            164
History of the Befriender Program            34
Listening Triads: speaker, listener, observer            39
"Bottoms Up" has possibilities, i.e. wounded healer

"keep the learning close to the practice." The importance of metaphor
is a dominant theme in most of the popular blogs and a theme that seems to attract. Metaphors are important in every language. Right?.


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