Monday, April 27, 2020

Metaphor for the Day: April 27

Metaphor for the Day, April 27, 2020, is Petri dish.

I have settled on a way of collecting metaphors during the coronavirus. I will be naming metaphors and metaphorical patterns from time to time as they appear in print.

I have already identifies two main over arching metaphors, warfare and education.

I have a metaphorical pattern I will share on another day. And today I see the New York times has an article on the words used. That should reveal some orientation metaphors. The way we communicate in this time of pandemic is as important as the crisis itself. If we are all in this together, which we are, we need to identify how we are speaking to each other in the process of living through the experience.

Here is today, April 27

From the Washington Post

My roommate is considered essential. Our health is not.

New York's skyscrapers might be empty, but some of our homes are petri dishes.
Christian ethics involves a both and, lover your neighbor as yourself. Shalom,

Marlin Whitmer, BCC
retired hospital chaplain
founder of the Befrienders (1966)
and the art of story metaphor listening (1975)

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