Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Metaphors for the variant virus

 Aristotle said there were two major metaphors: mechanical and organic. Apparently those who politicize our ability to be vaccinated under all kinds of non rational reasons have carved their answer in stone, i.e. mechanical. I would put all our statistics and data in the mechanical.  The number of deaths recorded for that given week will stay the same as the piece of angle iron. 

I choose to use organic metaphors since the variant came I being as a mutation and without more people being vaccinated I have read we can have more varianst from mutations. We are into a virus that seeks a home, and acts like what the name organic covers.

With that short introduction I want to talk about two organic metaphors I have read about. The first is marathon and the second is dance. I may find more. The two are for starters.

To be continued

My opening remarks remain. Now is the time for some overdue observations of the metaphors that have been cropping up.  We have a new variant on the horizon apparently coming this way from South Africa. Air flights out of Africa and being curtailed. 

The kinds of metaphors like orientation metaphors are not covered by Aristotle. At least they are not identified to my knowledge. The kinds of metaphors are a recent revelation. My source is

Marlin Whitmer, BCC

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