Thursday, March 28, 2024

March Madness: Basketball 2024

 The metaphors are different this year since Caitlin Clark has changed the way women's basketball is being played and watched. A few of the metaphors she has generated are entertainment and circus.

The records she has broken are phenomenal. And the records for attendance provides another broken record not only at Iowa but in the other Big Ten schools as well. Folks went to see Caitlin. 

Fran McCafry, the Hawkeyes Men Basketball coach says she is a "generational player." A player like Caitlin appears once in a generation. She has the highest number of 3 point shots on record in a year.

Annie and I went to Iowa City, to the Carver Field House, to see her play in a game against Michigan. We were fortunate to get tickets at a good price. We were in row 6, center of the court.

Fran McCaffry the Iowa Men's coach was in the row ahead of us at the end seat. 

At the start of the game Caitlin only need 8 points to make a record. She did that pronto with two three's. and a lay up for two points.

She is a tall thin lady, maybe 6' 1', who has strong arms the way she throws the ball across the court to another play who is open. She now holds the records for assists. When she shots for the basket sometime near center court she jump up and shoot. She defies gravity. A number of games the has over ten rebounds, ten assists, and an average of 27 points, most of the time more than that. How about 37. 

We are down to the sweet sixteen for the women's games. 

There will be more.


Marlin. I have been watching basketball since high school, 1945-7 Murray Weir was the outstanding player in our high school. Who went to Iowa and became an All American.

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