Friday, July 5, 2019

Sports Metaphor: A Cup of Tea

Sports Metaphor: A Cup of Tea


Context is always a part of the story and this metaphor would be out of place with another team and country. But with England tea has a historic context and sipping tea is very English. Since Americans celebrate the Boston Tea Party as pat of our win over England we now have another win with another tea metaphor reminder.

The Sports writer maintains the metaphor all through the article. I won’t send the whole article. We can say he gives us an example of the extended metaphor. 

Des Bieler on July 2 in the Washington Post gave his article this title: Alex Morgan’s goal celebration was certainly not some England’s fans cup of tea.

“Alex Morgan’s goal Tuesday against England accomplished a lot. It gave the United States the decisive margin for a 2-1 win that propelled the team to the Women’s World Cup final, it provided quite the icing on Morgan’s 30th birthday cake and, for those inclined to see the game in the context of impending Independence Day celebrations, her jersey number of 13 neatly matched the number of colonies that banded together in the Revolutionary War.

The goal also made it extremely difficult for some England fans to maintain a stiff upper lip. That’s because Morgan celebrated the tally by doing this:

That’s right, Morgan followed up a goal that ultimately led to England suffering a painful defeat by pretending to sip from a cup of tea. Jolly good troll job!”

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