Tuesday, April 18, 2023

Updating Virus Metaphors 4/12/23

The time lapse since checking out the orientation metaphors has been considerable. During the interim the response to the vaccine has been politicized into distinct divides. 

As a result of the divisiveness the metaphors seem to be in constant flus on both side of the divide. This may be a reflection of the virus which is continually mutating. There may be another set of metaphors that describe when there is a lull. 

Whether lull,  huge divisions, and flux, metaphors permeate out of each location. Metaphors confirm their necessity of our need to communicate where we are. And we are all over the map with possibilities. 

In the lull Dr. Wren from The Washington Post reviewed her life as a new mother during the pandemic. Context still makes a difference. A time of pause allows for a life review. 

The Government has its own metaphors. A booster for the high risk. And the uninsured need vaccines as they wind down. 

Mandates have been controversial with Red state showing more opposition. Employers can still require employees to be vaccinated.

A vaccine resistant newspaper provides headlines that appear to give misinformation while they claim to be a truth newspaper. They claim the vaccines are causing unreported health problems.

Masks to wear or not wear, required or not required is no longer a main discussion. I am not wearing a mask these days. I hospitalizations or the number with the virus or mutation increases I will wear a mask. They are no longer required in doctor's offices or the hospital. Individuals still are wearing masks. Fewer all the time, but I know people who constantly wear them in public, whole families.

Another conflict is how the virus began in China. China has its own metaphors with a severe lock down. The completely open and a number of deaths.

The statistics from ethnic groups and locations show who had the highest death toll. Life expectancy has been lowered as a result.

Updated to 4/20/23. If a prominent metaphor appears I will try to publish. I can say with accuracy the metaphors are in flux. Flux is my metaphor to describe the scene.

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