Saturday, April 8, 2023

Women's March Madness Metaphors.

 Metaphors are are gradually becoming more a part of how communication works. I know nursing programs at the masters and doctorate level are teaching metaphors to understand the experience of patients and how nurse interact with patients. This is true at the University of Wisconsin nursing program.

Recently I learned the Western Illinois University Counseling Program relies heavily on an understanding of metaphors in the communication process

My introduction began in 1955 in Philosophy in a NewKey by Susan Langer and her chapter on Language. I underline a number of her comments on metaphor.

I didn't change on until 1966 when I reviewed a patient visit and found how metaphors were at work.

I had already been training lay people to be story listeners for hospital patients. Now their listening approach was the Art of story metaphor listening. 

To learn metaphors I sent them to the sports page.

The sports pages of the final games of the women's March Madness basketball will not disappoint you. I found metaphors I had never seen before in the sports page.

In two separate sports articles I found the word giggle three times. Never in 50 years has I seethe word giggle on the sports page. More about the context as I write and revise.

I will invite you to go to the internet and ask for sports pages to the final games. See what you find. I will be adding more. This is a short introduction.

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